94-98 5.9L CUMMINS

94-98 5.9L CUMMINS

94-98 5.9L CUMMINS

Elevate your truck’s power and performance with our distinctive selection of 12 valve Cummins parts tailored to meet diverse needs. Our 12 valve Cummins performance parts encompass an array of components from the hardy 93 12 valve Cummins performance parts to the robust 1st gen 12 valve Cummins performance parts. To transform your 95 12v Cummins, we also offer performance parts crafted specifically for smoother executions. Our collection also extends to efficient and high-grade Cummins 5.9 12v performance parts and 12v Cummins performance parts, designed to help maximize your driving experience.

Cummins is synonymous with performance, and diesel enthusiasts can’t get enough of these unbeatable engines and parts. With the right 94-98 Cummins performance parts, you can turn your diesel truck into a powerhouse that can haul. CPP Diesel stocks all of the 2nd gen Cummins parts you need for your dream machine. We only carry quality parts manufactured by trusted brands. We will match the prices of parts that are advertised cheaper than ours, so you can be sure you are always getting the best deal.

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Whether you need 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 or 1998 2nd gen Cummins parts, we have everything stocked. Browse our huge selection of injectors, cooling system parts, air intakes, filters, differential parts, intakes, clutch parts, boost tubes, and much more. We know you want to get your parts installed as soon as possible, and we work our hardest to ensure a speedy delivery on all of our orders.

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Feel free to explore our site; we offer a wealth of information on modifying your Dodge diesel, and are passionate about sharing the best methods to get the most performance possible out of your truck. If you have any questions about our selection, or a specific part, we are always here with the best technical support. Shop our selection and order your 94-98 Cummins performance parts today.

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