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High-performance and supercharged engines need robust intercooler systems and quality piping to properly cool and direct the air moving through your engine, so as to maximize the efficiency of your air intake. CPP Diesel has all of the GM Duramax boost tubes, turbo systems, and intercooler parts you need to make your diesel engine a high-performing beast.

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When it comes to your diesel engine, compromise is not an option. CPP carries high-quality performance parts from reliable manufacturers so you can build the ultimate ride. We carry quality intercooler pipes, boot kits, turbo systems, charge tubes, Y-bridges and more. We strive to deliver superior service, and we ship out all of our orders as soon as we receive them, so you can get the parts you need and install them right away.

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Take a look through our selection of GM Duramax boost tubes and other performance parts. We're confident you'll find the parts you need. Otherwise, you can give us a call at 724-785-4022, or message us on our chat with any questions you may have about our selection or about specific parts. Browse our store and order your performance parts today.