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We carry high-quality Cummins conversion alternators and assorted parts so you can get your engine running just the way you like it with all of the necessary components in place. A good alternator can dramatically improve charging capacity, and better handle the increased electrical load caused by any extra lights, electronic modules, audio equipment, and other electronic components.

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We carry reliable Nippon Denso alternators, as well as regulator kits and durable alternator brackets for mounting on Cummins engines. We pride ourselves on our intuitive product page so you can find the parts you need, and we strive to provide the top customer service on the web with lightning-fast shipping. On most orders placed before 2 P.M. EST, we can ship same day, so you can get the parts you need for your engine fast.

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Feel free to browse our inventory of Cummins conversion alternators and parts. We're confident you'll find the specific parts you need, but if you have any questions about particular parts or our inventory in general, give us a call at 724-785-4022, or send us an email or chat message and we'll get back to you right away. Order your parts today.