Cummins conversion kits are a popular choice for enhancing the performance and reliability of various vehicles. These kits, which include essential cummins engine swap kits and diesel conversion parts, allow for a seamless transition to a stronger diesel engine. Our selection ensures that your vehicle has access to top-quality cummins swap components, along with a full range of cummins conversion components for a comprehensive upgrade. With cummins diesel retrofit kits, your engine overhaul can lead to improved power and longevity. Moreover, when tackling a diesel engine conversion, having the right diesel engine swap parts at your disposal is crucial. Our inventory includes a full suite of cummins conversion hardware and cummins diesel conversion supplies designed to fit perfectly with your vehicle's specifications. Each product, from cummins engine conversion accessories to diesel engine swap hardware, embodies durability and compatibility. For enthusiasts looking to personalize their setup, our custom diesel conversion brackets are engineered for an exact fit, minimizing hassle during installation. The cummins conversion wiring harness is another integral part of our offerings, ensuring a straightforward electrical connection for a trouble-free engine swap. Functional aspects such as the diesel fuel system conversion parts are meticulously selected to match your engine's requirements, ensuring an efficient and reliable fuel delivery system. Cummins conversion exhaust parts play an equally important role in achieving the desired performance output and sound. Additionally, diesel to cummins adapter kits provide the necessary pieces for adapting various components during the swap. Lastly, to secure the new powerplant to your chassis, robust cummins conversion mounts are available, while cummins swap plumbing parts complete the setup, guaranteeing a clean and organized engine bay. Our commitment to quality means providing you with the best conversion experience possible. All these components work in unison to deliver a top-tier conversion solution, tailored to bring out the best in your vehicle. Whether you're upscaling to a more robust setup or simply replacing worn-out parts, our range of cummins diesel retrofit components will ensure that your vehicle stands out for its enhanced performance and reliability.


For the diesel enthusiast looking to convert a truck with a Cummins diesel engine, we have all of the Cummins diesel conversion parts you need to get the job done. CPP Diesel offers the most comprehensive selection of high-performance diesel parts on the web, all at the lowest prices. As passionate diesel devotees ourselves, we only carry the highest quality parts for our customers.

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We strive to provide a one-stop shop for your dream conversion project. We carry quality plumbing kits, clamps, elbows, linkage kits, air intake assemblies, bushing kits, power steering pump pulleys and fittings, heater return connections, oil pans, throttle cables, wiring, and much more. We can get you the parts you need fast, and work hard to ship out orders as soon as we get them. For most orders placed before 2 P.M. EST, we provide same-day shipping.

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We're sure you'll find what you are looking for in our sizable inventory of Cummins diesel conversion parts. If you have any questions about one of our parts, or if you are having trouble locating a particular part, don't hesitate to give us a call at 724-785-4022. Order the parts for your conversion project today!

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