Thanks to Ford there are many different versions and configurations of the Powerstroke engine. There's the tried and true 7.3 liter that ran from 1994-97 then changing a bit in the 1999-03 model years, the 6.0 that went from 2003-07, the 6.4 whose short life ran from 2008-10 and now the 6.7 Scorpion engines from 2011 to current.

From 1999 through 2007 the engine relied on a high pressure pump to get fuel up to the engine. This pump ran anywhere from 50 psi to upwards of 70psi with some simple Ford mods. In the 2008-2010 models with the entry of the 6.4 engine, Ford decided that 10psi would be enough pressure to supply the new high pressure injection pump. However, now with the 6.7 engine they have decided to go back to the high pressure roots and supply the engine with 60-65psi.

Let's start with the high pressure trucks: 1999-03, 2003-07 and 2011+. On these trucks we offer systems that will either bypass the stock high pressure pump and feed the engine its needed 50+ psi of fuel pressure or feed the stock high pressure fuel pump with 10psi thus allowing the stock pump to not work as hard to support higher fuel pressure demands.

The systems that will bypass the stock frame mounted pumps are:

  • AirDog II for 7.3 and 6.0
  • All systems for the 6.4
  • Raptor 150 High Pressure Kit

For the low pressure units we have both Raptor and AirDog systems. The low pressure kits are available for all of the Ford applications. For the trucks that have a high pressure pump on the frame that pump fuel at 50 + psi, we use the low pressure units to feed them with constant fuel pressure. This not only helps the stock pump when trying to feed the engine with higher than stock fuel pressure, but it also prevents the stock pump from over working itself. On the 2008-2010 6.4 trucks, the stock frame mounted pump is already a low pressure pump, therefore when using any of our systems it will bypass the stock pump and supply the engine with 10-12psi of fuel pressure.

The systems that will feed the stock frame mounted pump are:

  • AirDog systems for 7.3, 6.0 and 6.7
  • Raptor 100 and 150 low pressure systems

As for the installation of the systems, with the exception of the AirDog 150 kit, they will all pull from the factory sending unit eliminating the need to drop the tank and install a new suction tube. . Also on the AirDog II installs for both the 6.0 and 6.4 we tie into the factory return line, which does away with the need to cut into the filler tube for the AirDog II return.

For most all Fords, fuel pressure is their number one enemy. It's crucial to make sure you are running the proper fuel pressure needed for your application. For example, a truck with stock injectors and a programmer doesn't need 65-70psi of fuel pressure. Typically trucks under the 500 HP mark don't need more than 60psi unless the injector manufacture says otherwise. Also, all of the AirDog and AirDog II systems have a built in pressure port on the top of the base directly above the fuel filter, it's plugged with an 1/8″ pipe plug and can be removed and utilized to check pressure from.

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