Interior Accessories

There is no doubt that diesel trucks are versatile, powerful vehicles, but for many diesel truck owners, the performance is only one part of the package. There is an awesome community of people behind diesel trucks who enjoy modifying, upgrading, and tricking out their vehicles with Cummins interior accessories. If you want to make your experience driving a diesel truck even more enjoyable, consider upgrading your truck with some interior accessories. Here are just a few of the many options that diesel truck owners can choose from.

Cup Holders

While they may not seem important at first glance, no diesel truck is complete without a proper cup holder or two. Not only is trying to drive and hold a beverage frustrating, but it is also dangerous. Quality cup holders are essential truck interior accessories that are overlooked far too often. Cup holders are extremely affordable, and they add quite a bit. You may not realize how useful this upgrade is until you realize you need it. Order yours today and enjoy the convenience and safety that cup holders provide.


If you modify your diesel truck, it is absolutely crucial that you have the right gauges. Gauges are essential truck interior accessories because they allow you to track your truck’s performance in real time. For example, if you just installed a new turbo system, you want to be able to monitor how it is working to make sure that you do not damage your truck. If you are not careful, it is all too easy to push a diesel truck too hard. Our aftermarket gauges ensure that you know what is happening at all times.


We have all-in-one systems that make accessing your favorite media a breeze. Cue up your favorite song without taking your eyes off the road, or put on a movie for the kids to enjoy on a long road trip. Our Cummins interior accessories are made to make your commute or workday more enjoyable, and our entertainment systems for diesel trucks are the best in the business. The MYGIG LockPick is the industry standard when it comes to aftermarket entertainment electronics for diesel trucks, and you can get the best price from CPP Diesel.

Seat Covers

You never know where the open road may take you. Whether you are hauling cargo across the country or bringing the kids to school, you want to be sure that your seats are protected. After all, repairing damage or stains to your interior is expensive and time consuming. Seat covers also protect from natural wear and tear over time, such as damage from the sun. As you can imagine, this ensures that your interior continues looking its best, while also keeping your truck’s overall value up. As you shop for Cummins interior accessories, remember to pick up some quality seat covers.

Order Quality Aftermarket Diesel Parts from CPP Diesel

In addition to offering the best diesel products on the market for the lowest prices around, we also provide exceptional customer assistance. If you would like a quote, information on any of our products, or some friendly advice from our diesel experts, please do not hesitate to give us a call at (724) 785-4022. We are proud to be part of the diesel truck community, and we go to great lengths to make sure that every single customer is satisfied with their purchase. Order quality truck interior accessories from CPP Diesel today!

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