Q - What happens after I place my order?

A- We process orders when we receive them, and orders placed before 2PM will usually ship same day. If an item is out of stock, we’ll have it drop-shipped from the manufacturer. Although we do our best to ensure speedy delivery of our Cummins diesel parts, we cannot guarantee same-day shipping from the manufacturer. We encourage customers to call us after placing their order to verify any shipping preferences or stipulations they might have.

Q - Do you have a return policy? What if I want to cancel my order?

A - CPP absolutely accepts returns and cancellations. Cancellations are subject to a 20% fee. CPP does not refund shipping charges if the order has already been shipped.

For more on our return policy and how to submit a return request, please see here.

Q - Do you sell diesel conversion systems?

A - Yes, CPP offers a full range of components and products for Cummins Conversions, including A/C compressors, alternators, and more. We also have an extensive knowledge base designed to help our customers right the parts and advice they need to properly, and safely, convert their vehicle to Cummins power. Browse our site to see the full array of Cummins diesel parts

Q- Do I have to have a Cummins diesel engine to use products from your website?

A - No. CPP stocks Cummins diesel parts that are compatible with a range of diesels, including Cummins, Duramax, Powerstroke, and Volkswagen TDI.

Q - I need some help working on my diesel engine. Can your site offer any help?

A - Our website has a wealth of educational material, including videos, a knowledge base for converting most trucks to diesel power, and much more. We also employ operators to assist our customers over the phone or over chat on our website. We are looking forward to helping you!

Q - What turbo do you recommend for my 98.5-02 Dodge which is my daily driver and tow rig?

A - Although the best alternative is a twin turbo setup, a single can be a lot of fun for those who don't want to spend that amount of money. We recommend using the 62/65/12 on automatic transmission equipped trucks. For the manual transmission, we recommend the 62/65/14. Both turbos work well with a 100hp injector, but any size up to 150 will work fine. The 150's will get hot if using a tuner, but easily controllable.

Q -  What is the biggest injector I can run in my 98.5-02 Dodge Ram using the stock turbo?

A - We prefer using a 75hp vco injector because we see a fuel mileage increase of 3-5mpg more than stock! The driveability is excellent and egt's usually won't get higher than 1200* with most tuners/driving habits. That said, a 100hp-125hp injector also works well with a stock turbo, but you will need to keep an eye on egt's when towing heavy. We do have guys running 250hp diesel performance injectors on the stock turbo, but they will be smokey at wot and will greatly decrease the life of the turbo due to overfueling/overboosting.

Q - My 98.5-02 Dodge only tows my boat 1-2 times a year. It is mostly a daily driver/play toy. What injector /turbo do you recommend?

A - We recommend the BD Super B Special or similar size (Super Phat Shaft 64) turbo and a set of 7x.010 or 7x.012 sac injectors for best results.

Q - What twin kit do you recommend for my 98.5-02 Dodge?

A - Due to the vp44 fueling capabilities (or lack thereof), most trucks will make the most power with a smaller twin setup. We recommend the 62/65/12 over S475. Anything bigger than a s475 will lose hp since the vp44 can't supply the fuel to keep those size turbos in their peak efficiency range.

Q - Why do you recommend the 62/65/12 turbo to be used in your twin turbo sets for 98.5-02 Dodge?

A - The Bd Super B or S300 turbo will only support 425hp. The stock HX35 will support 425Hp. The Super B is not a upgrade turbo. The 62/65/12 will support 500hp and only loses about 100-200 rpm spoolup time compared to the Hx35.

Q - What tuner can I use on my 10-14 Dodge that won't void my warranty?

A. - The TS Performance Stryker Module is a great bang for the buck! It modifies injector pressure and Duration to increase mpg by 1-2mpg and still makes 135hp at the rear wheels. Best of all, it reduces DPF cycles and is 100% undetectable by the dealer!

Q - Can CPP Traction Bars be ran on trucks that tow heavy?

A - Yes they can. Our bars are designed to work with your suspension without decreasing suspension travel. You can also expect to see a great increase in the overall driveability and smoother ride that our Traction Bars provide.

Q - Should I oring my Cylinder Head?

A - We recommend oring'ing the 12v/24v heads when going over 450hp and 40psi boost. We also recommend using ARP head studs as well. If you have a CR engine 5.9L or 6.7L, then no orings are needed. WE usually just install H11 or ARP Head Studs for those applications.

Q - When are head studs needed?

A - We recommend that you install head studs when boost goes over 40psi or you reach over 450hp.