Experienced diesel enthusiasts recognize that every single component matters when it comes to your truck’s performance. From the engine right down to your intakes and filters, the pieces that you use directly affect how your truck runs, as well as its speed, torque, and horsepower. Using our quality Powerstroke air intakes and filters is an affordable and easy way to boost your truck’s performance and fuel economy.

Invest in Your Diesel Truck

The great thing about upgrading your truck is that you actually save money in the long run by improving your mileage. Your intakes and filters directly affect your fuel economy. When an engine has to work hard to suck air through the intake tubes and air filter, your fuel does not get utilized to its full potential. Upgrading to a Ford Powerstroke air intake from CPP Diesel is a great way to reduce your maintenance costs as well, as a quality intake or filter is going to be dependable for the long haul.

Order Intakes and Filters from CPP Diesel

Here at CPP Diesel, we take tremendous pride in the products that we sell. As diesel enthusiasts, we recognize the need for quality parts. We also understand that maintaining and upgrading a diesel truck can get expensive if you’re not careful. That is why we provide the premium parts that you require at an affordable price. If you have any questions for our friendly experts, please feel free to call 724-785-4022 and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can. Order our Powerstroke air intakes and filters with complete confidence today.

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