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The 4BT Cummins engine delivers a lot of torque in a small package, and you can get a lot of power out of this engine when you push it. If you want to get the most performance possible out of this engine however, you've got to use premium parts. CPP Diesel carries 4BT Cummins performance parts manufactured by the most trusted brands in the industry. Brands like Cummins Genuine Parts, Scheid Diesel, Haisley Machine, D&J Precision, Dynomite Diesel, Industrial Injection, High Performance 4BT parts by CPP Diesel, ARP, and many more!

As you know the 4bt Cummins 3.9L engine and 4.5L engines are the most wanted engine for guys doing swaps on jeeps, and off road buggies because they have the reliability of their big brother the 6bt 12v engine. The 4bt is basically a 6bt Cummins with 2 cylinders chopped off. That is why gear housings, covers, injectors etc just swap right over. We offer Conversion ready 4bt engines with Rotary Bosch injection pumps or the infamous p7100 Bosch injection pumps built to order from mild to wild. Shoot us an email and talk to our knowledgeable technicians about doing a 4bt swap and converting your vehicle to a Cummins today!