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A Cummins turbo upgrade can give you everything from a more robust towing capability to a powerful competitive edge. We have the perfect systems and parts to assist you with the ultimate upgrade for your dream diesel project. After you get one of our systems under the hood, you'll be turning heads with the newfound power and performance at your command.

Custom Power

In addition to a Cummins turbo upgrade – which comes in many different forms, depending on your requirements – we carry premium supercharger systems and other high-quality parts. We carry various types of turbo systems provided by respected brand names, as well as compressor covers, clamps, turbo rebuild kits, v-band flanges, turbo drain lines, wastegates, compound turbo kits, elbows, billet wheels, and other essential parts for completing your upgrade.

Order Yours Now

All of the parts we carry are high quality offerings that provide a guaranteed performance boost. CPP Diesel is dedicated to the craft of peak performance in diesel systems, and we want to make sure our customers are getting the maximum value from their diesel projects. We are available at 724-785-4022 if you have any questions about our parts. Check out our selection for yourself and order yours today!