Take your diesel truck's performance to new heights by ordering our high-quality GM Duramax crate engines. Meticulously engineered for exceptional performance and unwavering reliability, these engines are built to deliver optimal power and endurance. Invest in the best for your vehicle.

CPP Diesel carries high-performance Duramax crate engines for the diesel enthusiast looking to build the ultimate rig at an affordable price. Our engines are Duramax Long Block and range from 01 – 10 Chevy builds. All of our crate engines come with a 1-year, unlimited-mile warranty and a ton of diesel power to boot!

Quality Engines

Our engines are blueprinted, with connecting rods heat treated, machined, and shot peened. Cracked blocks, cranks, and heads are not welded or repaired; we simply won't take an engine and put it up for sale unless we receive a high-quality rebuildable engine core in good shape. Engines take a little longer to ship out – usually 1-2 weeks if we aren't swamped – but they are well worth the wait. With our crate engines you are getting incredible power at an unbelievable rate.

Order Yours Now

Browse our Duramax crate engines for yourself. Have any questions about the engines, the rebuilding process, or our shipping services? Or maybe you have questions about our selection itself. Give us a call at 724-785-4022 or send us a message and we'll answer your questions the best we can, as soon as we can. Order your crate engine today, and we'll work hard to ship it out fast so you can get right to work on your truck.

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