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Tork Teknology is a solution driven company that manufactures specialty products and tools for your Dodge Cummins and other diesel trucks. As an American company, with American employees, Tork Teknology prides themselves on making their components here in the USA! CPP has a large inventory of Tork Teknology Products and ships from multiple locations, this helps you get the tool you need to quickly repair your truck.

Tork Teknology is dedicated to making it easy for the diesel truck owner to work on their own engine. They help the weekend mechanic as well as for the performance minded. Tork Teknology offers diesel engine tools that just make getting the job done much easier and in as little time as possible. Your truck will run better and with more power. They solve problems for diesel truck owners with tools that simply work. Their tools are inexpensive making the a great value. Tork Teknology puts their heart and soul into their products desiring to manufacture only the very best diesel engine tools.