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Bostech Industries is a division of Stuckey Bros. The late George Stuckey founded Stuckey Bros. in 1930. The company was made up of three parts: Stuckey Bros Auto, Stuckey Bros. Farm Supply, and Stuckey Bros. Furniture. The automotive part of the business was George Stuckey's main focus. In the mid 1960's, the family business was divided between three brothers. In the early 60's, George's son, David, took over the business and runs it today. The business operated a traditional auto parts chain until the late 1980's, when grandson, George D. Stuckey, entered the business. In the late 80's, the company changed its focus, entering the re manufacturing industry. Stuckey Bros. Auto has two re manufacturing divisions: CV Unlimited and Bostech. The CV Unlimited division re manufactures CV axles and rack & pinions. The Bostech division does electric fuel injectors for gasoline and diesel fuel injectors. Today Bostech is one of the leading suppliers of fuel injectors in the U.S. Fuel systems are one of the fastest growing categories in the industry today. There are over a billion fuel injectors being used in the United States every day. With so many in use, you can imagine the growth potential. Bostech has positioned itself as the supplier that can effectively assist a new distributor of fuel injectors to develop the category. If a distributor changes from a competitive line, Bostech will work closely with the new distributor to gain additional market share.