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Beans Diesel Performance is a premier machine shop located in Woodbury, TN that has been producing quality diesel products since 2004. Specializing in creating billet aluminum parts, Bean designs and produces all of their products in house using the latest CNC machinery and CAD software. With parts available for your Powerstroke, Duramax or Cummins, Beans has a variety of products that will improve the performance of your vehicle.

Recognized for their high-quality products, Beans Diesel is especially known for their Fuel Sumps. A Beans Diesel Fuel Tank Sump is a gravity fed system that draws the fuel from the bottom side of the fuel tank, eliminating quarter tank issues associated with most aftermarket lift pumps. In addition to sumps, Beans also has you covered with many expertly machined products including Valve Covers, Filter Caps, Performance Pulleys and more! Beans even offers a series of direct bolt-in Dominator 66 turbochargers. The Dominator 66 turbochargers are for those Powerstroke owners that want more out of their truck. CPP carries the Beans components your vehicle needs to ensure it is always running smoothly.