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CPP Diesel offers top-of-the-line Ram EcoDiesel air intakes and filters so you can build the ultimate performance machine with the finest parts on the market. High-quality airflow is crucial to the performance and longevity of an engine, and also contributes to increased fuel economy. All of our air intakes and filters are carefully selected for their quality and performance-enhancing features, and we carry all of the parts you need to upgrade your engine to the specifications you require.


Premium Intakes and Filters

Our selection includes lifetime reusable Green air filters, S&B Filters cleanable cold air intake systems, S&B dry filter air intake systems, and other premium diesel parts. Our Ram EcoDiesel air intakes and filters improve engine performance by providing a more pure and rich airflow, while trapping the particulates and impurities that put a drag on your engine and accumulate inside of it.
Our EcoDiesel air intakes and filters are particularly useful for diesel enthusiasts looking to get the most longevity and fuel efficiency out of their diesel. EcoDiesel engines already enjoy excellent fuel efficiency, and quality intake systems and filters can help increase that fuel economy even more, so the diesel enthusiast can go even greater distances on a single tank.

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As a diesel enthusiast who wants the most out of your Ram EcoDiesel engine, it pays to get the highest quality performance parts possible. In addition to stocking the top Ram EcoDiesel air intakes and filters on the market, we deliver all of our products quickly to our customers. CPP Diesel is your destination for all of the top-notch performance diesel parts you need delivered right to your door in record time. Our passion for diesel and exceptional customer service drives us to beat out the competition with our selection of high-performance parts.
Don't wait any longer to get our Ram EcoDiesel air intakes and filters in your engine. Your engine deserves the finest airflow you can give it, and with our lightning fast service, you can get your parts installed now. If you have any questions about our parts or our inventory, give us a call at 724-785-4022 and we'll give you the answers you need. Browse our selection and order your parts today.