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Quadzilla from Layton, Utah provides diesel enthusiasts with innovative performance electronics. Every one of Quadzilla’s products are created to provide the customer with unmatched performance that cannot be rivaled. Specializing in electronics for the Cummins engine, Quadzilla engineers are determined to continue to advance the market and develop products that take your Cummins’ performance to the next level.

Quadzilla produces the Boost Fooler which is perfect for those towing heavy loads with their Cummins. The Boost Fooler allows you to increase your vehicle’s turbo boost to compensate for added fueling modifications. In addition to addition to increasing boost pressure the Boost Fooler can also help to reduce EGT’s while avoiding ECU error codes. The Arachnid is a preprogrammed eight position performance chip that improves the performance and drivability of your Cummins. Every tune included with the Arachnid is specially programmed by Quadzilla Engineers to improve towing, daily driving, and even racing. The Quadzilla Adrenaline has a 32-point processor that uses four axis tuning maps to ensure you have power whenever you need it. With the Adrenaline you can be sure your vehicle is getting unrivaled performance. Ensure you’re providing your Cummins with some of the most innovative performance electronics available on the market when you purchase Quadzilla products from CPP.

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