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Customizing diesel trucks is one of the most rewarding aspects of owning them. There are so many ways you can improve the performance and look of your vehicle, and we are proud to be your go-to source for all of them. Whether you need a new engine, injectors, turbo, or anything else you can dream up, we have you covered. If you’re trying to make your dream concept come to life, consider a new Cummins front bumper from CPP Diesel.

Make Your Truck Uniquely Yours

Our “You Build It” bumpers put the control in your hands. Instead of buying a boring stock bumper and trying to make it somewhat close to your vision, why not order one from us and get the exact specifications you demand? Our diesel truck bumpers are fully customizable, and you can even put a logo or design anywhere on it. Want to make your company truck stand out? Add a logo. Want to make sure people remember your towing business? We can help.

All of the Features You Require

Of course, a good bumper isn’t just about the aesthetics. We allow you to customize important features like adding a step, lights, lug bar or a light bar. Just let us know exactly how you want it, and we will build it to your exact specifications. We provide all of the pieces, brackets, and supports that you need to install the perfect Cummins front bumper. All you need is basic knowledge of fitting and welding to install it. Don’t settle for other bumpers when you can get one that meets your exact specs.

A Bumper for Any Occasion

Every diesel truck driver has their own needs when it comes to what their truck can do. We have options like custom hitch mounts for adding weight brackets, which is ideal for pulling sleds. We can also add a hitch style winch if you need it. Whether you are plowing, towing, hauling or anything else, we can make sure your bumper is optimized for maximum performance every time. Our custom front  truck bumpers make your truck more efficient and usable.

Improve Safety

As the name implies, sometimes bumpers get bumped. It’s important that your bumper is able to withstand damage and protect the passengers. That’s why we build our custom front truck bumpers from the highest-quality rugged steel. We have had a customer hit a deer head on at 65 mph, with no damage to his bumper at all. That is the kind of durability you can count on. When you’re driving a powerful, high-octane diesel truck, it’s crucial that your exterior is equally tough.

Order a Custom Bumper Today

There are no shortcuts when it comes to building and modifying the ultimate diesel truck for your needs. A quality bumper is an investment that will provide years of enjoyment. Our custom front truck bumpers are the best in the industry, so buy with complete confidence. If you would like more information on your options, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (724) 785-4022. You may be surprised by how affordable a quality custom bumper can be. Order your Cummins front bumper today.