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We rebuild Dodge crate engines for the purpose of fulfilling your high-performance diesel requirements. We provide engines for 03-07 5.9L Cummins applications and only work with cores that are in good condition, as well as high-quality performance parts available from trusted diesel brands. We're here to provide you with the ultimate engine rebuild for your diesel truck at a reasonable price.

Built to Your Specifications

Our rebuilds are completely custom and we can tailor a performance diesel engine to meet your own unique requirements. We provide Dodge crate engines, competition-grade Cummins engines for racing and pulling, and Industrial Injection long block and short block engines. Our Industrial Injection builds are constructed to meet race performance, stock street, and street performance specifications. We're here to satisfy the requirements of dedicated diesel enthusiasts, as well as performance racing and pulling participants.

Order Yours Now

We're ready to build the engine configuration that you desire, and we can push your engine power to over 1000hp if you require that extra muscle. If you'd like to discuss your specifications with another diesel expert, give us a call at 724-785-4022 and we'll get to building an engine according to your requirements. Order your engine today!